Thursday, November 1, 2012

Surrendering, not an Act, but an Art of Living

Often times, people think that surrendering is a sign of the weak, and to surrender means to give up. It's actually quite the opposite.

Take an example from daily life, be it work, a relationship, family, some goal like run a marathon, anything. We start with a goal, sometimes spend way too much time pondering, thinking, planning, figuring it out. This very act of thinking not followed by action, causes stress or some stifling in our mind, body.

Next, we start Acting upon it, Doing! As soon as we act, it gives joy, a sense of fulfillment. This very feeling of fulfillment and joy, pumps more energy into us, which fuels us to keep doing.

Now, as the rule of Life is, to surprise us with unknown, unfold magic, some thing happens that we did not plan ahead. What happens?

  1. Either we welcome the change, good or bad, give in to the change, and come up with Plan B. We keep doing.
  2. Or we stop and ponder on the change, on Life, trying to reason, blame why, how, what just happened. This reduces our energy, brings us down, feel defeated, and sometimes we give up.
Which one of the above do you think is 'Surrendering'? 

When we accept life, people, and situations just as they are, when we are strong enough to surrender, to give in to the flow of Life, and flow along with it, we become Self-Reliant. People, situations stop affecting us. We flow, act with compassion, yet are dispassionate about the results!

To surrender is not to give up, but to give in to the Faith, and rely that Life is exactly how it is supposed to be and is going to be. So Just be! Now if you think, I need to surrender, I need to surrender, then you are thinking, not surrendering :-P. Do you see the trick? It's an Art of Living!

Surrendering makes you Strong and Self-Reliant!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Life is a mystery, let the magic unfold!

Life is a mystery. It’s like watching a thriller, intelligently directed that keeps us guessing what’s next. Or like a novel that you get so involved in. You can’t wait to know the end, and sometimes find yourself sneaking up to the last few pages trying to validate your guess…and then you stop and go back to reading your current page, reading all through the night. What happens when the story doesn’t turn as you expect it to?
 You’re like ‘Really?? No Way..Mann!!’ 
I recently read in a novel, what a story book is – It is a transforming experience between the book and the reader. As the reader reads the story, he changes the words by perceiving them based on his thoughts, his context, his life situations. As the reader reads, the words also change him, his thoughts, his perceptions. Together they transform each other.
Life is just like that. You are right now, an amalgamation of all what you have lived so far – fusing all the places you have been to, all what you have seen, people you have met on the way, things that you did, things that happened to you. As Life shapes you, so do you shape Life. But the trick is, not to fast forward your Life, the experiences you are going through, based on what you think ‘should’ happen. Let the magic unfold! Feel it..Because otherwise you’ll keep rewinding and repeating the same chapter again and again, and expect a different end, but all you will see is the same end…missing out on the new wonders to happen, missing surprises that Life has to reveal. You will stop enriching, and growing your own story.
But like they say, it’s never too late, It's morning, when you wake up! Even now, if you look back at your Life, you’ll be surprised to uncover things you overlooked, or maybe unfold a different facet.
You can try experimenting this by picking up a book you’ve read in the past, maybe a few years ago, and re-read it. This time write down what you feel, your thoughts, some place where you can access it after a few years. After some time (maybe months, years) from then, do the same thing and compare your writings…They would have evolved. You will have evolved. You will see The Magic Unfold !
Life is just like that - Right now you can base your thoughts, words, actions on what you have experienced so far. But remember there are many more dimensions to Life, than what we perceive. So don't think much, Just Do and then BE FREE. Let Life reveal the results. If they are different from what you expected them to be, you have just enriched your life. Accept them as a Gift, and believe that the gift will come handy in the future.