Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Power of Faith

What happens when you are facing a hard time in life - some people say "Have faith in God, everything will be ok', some people say 'Believe in yourself'.

What does a leader promise to his people, his country - 'Have faith in me', 'Have faith in the system'.

What do people say to others - 'Trust me, I got this', 'Trust me, we'll be alright'.

Whether you have faith in God, in the divine, in yourself, in someone else, faith in anything, it doesn't matter, it's the pure faith that makes you take a leap ahead. That's why they say 'Leap of Faith'!

Faith has so much power. Faith gives strength and peace to the mind, determination and solace to the heart, brings fervor in action, heals the body.

That is why people are heartbroken and shattered when they think their faith is shaken, broken.

Faith originates from a very pure space within us, it originates from the cry of our heart. This is what gives it the sheer power!

Faith heals, soothes, strengthens, sustains. It should not be misused to gain, create walls and wars.

Have Faith in the Divine, in the unshakable, ever pure, unstained Self!

Discover Your True Self :-)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Secret to Happiness

Live like you Own this Universe and everything in it!

nothing to gain, nothing to loose
nothing to desire, nothing to retire
everything to accept, nothing to reject

Die like you never owned anything.