Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Guru, The Master

He not only leads you to the water, but makes you drink it, and quenches your thirst.

He choses you, He choses the time.

He accepts and loves you just as you are.

He makes you experience unconditional love and then you realize, that's all there is.

He watches over you and guards you where ever you are, at all times.

He makes you experience your true, timeless, infinite Self.

He makes you taste unadulterated, pure joy, sheer enthusiasm, and unconditional love.

He sets you free from the bondage of your own mind, your thoughts, opinions, emotions, your past.

He heals the broken hearted, and fixes the handicapped mind. He expands the mind, deepens the faith, and broadens the vision.

He makes you travel from your head to your heart.

He translates information into knowledge. He makes you experience the knowledge, for it to dwell in you, for you to live it.

He makes you a warrior of Light, a warrior of Truth. He becomes your strength.

He holds your hand, to not let go.

He makes your dreams come true.

He nurtures you like a mother, He supports you like a father, He loves you like a beloved.

He makes you enjoy Life. He makes you an Enthusiast, an Optimist, a Realist. He makes you content.

He brings out the passion in you, the lion in you, the genuineness, love, and humility.

He makes impossible possible. He makes miracles happen.

He is the One, who will never give up on you.

He needs nothing from you, He will make sure you get everything.

He is the Master, He is my Guru.